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Glasser Bows Products

Glasser Bows is the world's largest maker of bows for stringed instruments and  the most comprehensive source of full and fractional sized bows for all stringed instruments, including violin, viola, cello, French bass and German bass.

Covering student and professional models, our bows are made from a wide variety of materials from fibre glass and graphite to braided carbon fibre and advanced composite.  Regardless of the material use or the price they sell for, all bows produced by Glasser represent the highest level of commitment to delivering quality and value to string players.

We're proud of our tradition of excellence, and proud of the unsurpassed reputation for quality and performance our bows enjoy with musicians throughout the world, from renowned professionals on the concert stage to young students in local school music programs.

As part of our commitment to being a complete resource for string players, Glasser also offers a full line of accessories, including frogs, grips, cases, tuners and more. We are also the exclusive importer of the legendary Larsen wire core strings.